We were pleased to compete this year at the 82nd Galax Fiddlers Convention.  We were humbled to be placed in the top 15 bands!  164 bands were registered, not exactly sure how many competed, but thank you God for allowing us to place.

1. The Trailblazers - Wilkesboro, NC
2. Crush It - Salem, VA
3. Cumberland Valley Cutups - Whites Creek, TN
4. Wound Tight - Chatham, VA
5. Coyote Cafe - Kingsport, TN
6. The Mashing Pumpkins - Winston-Salem, NC
7. Blu-Vue - Mt. Airy, NC
8. The Jakes From State Farm - Johnson City, TN
9. Adam McPeak and Mountain Thunder - Max Meadows, VA
10. Turning Point - Christiansburg, VA
11. Destination Bluegrass Band - Mocksville, NC
12. Sine' - Fries, VA
13. Blink 1-4-5 - Roxboro, NC
14. The County Fools - Greensboro, NC
15. Exit 109 - Hillsville, VA

Destination Bluegrass Band

Give us a call or send an email!!! We'd love to play for you!!!  

Destination Bluegrass Band
We have about 150 years of experience among us!  Lot's of energy and fun on stage, we just love to play bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music!  The unique blend of musical bluegrass styles are combined in our own brand of bluegrass that we hope you enjoy.  

SAMPLE "Live" Videos